Wednesday, January 09, 2008

O Nightingale!

Stop whatever you're doing, and listen to this song now:

O Nightingale

The uncredited female singer, accompanied only by piano, starts off like Mrs. Miller's evil stepmother. And that would have been good enough right there, but the explosive finale, which suggests Nina Hagen being tortured, is the greatest thing I've heard in ages. It comes to us courtesy of an amazing website called:

Those Unbelievable Believers: The Blessed Sounds of Incredible Christian Song Demos

that is nothing but, as you might have guessed, demos by aspiring songwriters/performers. Crudely produced songs by barely-talented would-be superstars have been clogging record company a&r mailboxes for decades, and this is truly the cream of the crap, er, crop. They're not all Christian songs, tho, like "O Nightingale" and this candidate for Worst Rap Song Of All Time:

"The Safe Sex Is Just a Fantasy Rap"

But all the tunes posted are worth a listen, like the heavily-accented Casio mess "Holy Jerusalem," the ludicrous, almost cartoonishly country-twangin' "Hot Summer Nights," the vocoder in "Come Back, America!" making the singer sound like a bad Barry White impersonator...

Just wish I knew the names of these performers so they could get the credit they deserve.


Anonymous said...

O Nightingale terrified my cat.


Mr Fab said...

It was never my intent to terrify any vaginas - quite the opposite. But Vicki, play your cat the "Purrcast" I wrote about a month or so back. Cats love it
(if mine are any indication) and hopefully then I can get back into good graces with the feline population. Vaginas might like it, too.

Anonymous said...

O Nightingale? O no! Call the SPCA, I think they're poking a terrier with a fork to get those yelping notes.

dixiedicks said...

Speaking of Casio's Gone Wild, check this very interesting and actually good christmas record
Supposedly done entirely with old vintage toy Casio Keyboards and games