Sunday, August 27, 2006


Legendary '60s Moog-master Jean-Jacques Perrey, 77 years young, is performing live for the first time on the West Coast this week, in support of his new album, due in September. We first wrote about it here last year.

He's performing along with his new cohort Dana Countryman of "Cool & Strange Music" magazine fame, who's also writing the maestro's biography. See them Saturday night in Seattle (oops, bit too late), at San Francisco's "
Recombinant Media Labs" the 29th, and two shows in SoCal: a free(!) event at Analogue Haven in Pomona on the 30th, and the spot your intrepid reporter will be on the 31st: The Knitting Factory in Hollywood. Also on the bill: master thereminist Sukho Lee of Seksu Roba, & DJ sets by Otis Fodder of the Bran Flakes. "His show here - his first ever in Los Angeles - will feature a wealth of Perrey's anecdotes and stories as well as his one-of-a-kind music."

The cultural event of the year, no? I'm off to take my best space-suit to the cleaners - see you all there.


Anonymous said...

"Years young"? Cut that out!

Mr Fab said...

He he, I'm the Barbara Walters of weird.

Greg B. said...

I bought tix last week and would like to meet the pope (or at least one of the cardinals) of weird music. How can I spot you at the show?

Greg B. (host of Radio Misterioso, Sundays 8-10PM PST at

Mr Fab said...

The pope?!? Not me, tho I'm not sure who would be (Dr. Demento? Irwin Chusid? Rhonda?). I'm the Joey Ramone-lookin' goof in a striped shirt but half the room will probly fit that discrption.

Greg B. said...

Demento is the saint. Otis might give Irwin a run at the title, I guess.

OK. I guess I'll wear my alien logo cap. Seeya there.