Friday, April 01, 2005


As many of you are no doubt aware, Jean-Jacques Perrey is a pioneer of electronic pop music whose delightful mid-'60s collaborations with Gershon Kingsley can still teach these young techno types a thing or two. Years (decades?) before sampling, Perrey would spend untold hours cutting and splicing wacky sound effects tapes into loops that would provide the song's rhythmic backbone. Though well into his 70s, he recently announced his plan to record a new album in collaboration with Seattle-based early-electronic instrument collector/songwriter/all-around wacky guy Dana Countryman. Dana's done some great Moog stuff himself like "Cocktails In Space" for the on-line comp "Two Zombies Later," but he's put his own album project on hold so he can work on the Perrey thing. (His own album will feature guest appearances by other Moog-masters like Dick Hyman.) The sound samples got me salivating in anticipation:
"Harry's Rag"
"Chicken On The Rocks"



Chris Ritke said...

Wow - cocktails in space is really spaced-out! I must admit that I had to listen to it a couple of times before I well - I don't know - it won't be one of my all time favorites, but I'm really glad I found it... I'll listen to more of the stuff at the comfortstand!

btw - I found it at

Mr Fab said...

JJ Perrey himself left a comment, but under yesterday's "Theremin" post.

Drizzle Kid said...

That sounded good! My favourite song at the moment is cool and bored by Le corps mince de franÁoise. Is that something that you've heard about or like/don't like? It would be interesting to know... I'm also stuck on the band Deltawave at the moment.
Feel free to pop round my blog, I discuss music quite a lot. Recently I've been discussing Swedish music (since I'm from Sweden). It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Drizzle Kid said...

Oh, by the way. I thought I should post a link to their myspace.