Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Warm Bananaphones and Funky Muppets

You probably don't listen to too much children's music if you don't have to. But dig:

This one and (possible only) mashup by PF (who may or may not be from San Francisco) is one of my favorites, a LOL-out loud funny pairing of two of the most unlikely songs to ever be conjoined: The Normal's 1977 dark, droning, proto-industrial classic "Warm Leatherette," and kiddie-music star Raffi's typically cheerful, wholesome "Bananaphone," with a bit of Japan's noise combo Melt Banana thrown in for good measure. It all makes sense. Really.

PF: "Warm Bananaphone"

Another kiddie classic, "Mah-Na-Mah-Na," originally by Italy's sleazy soundtrack maestro Piero Umiliani, popularized by the Muppets, and recently remade by Cake, gets a funny, funky new life thanks to Boston's mash-meister Lenlow:

Lenlow: "Kanye Mahna" - Mr. West's "Golddigger" lesson, now aimed at the pre-school crowd; never too soon to learn about the ladies, eh, Kanye?

If you prefer the Muppet's version, Reading, UK's Pilchard gotcha covered:

Pilchard: "Macamuppet" - in which Animal does the Macarena with the Doors.

So what do professional musicians think about all this "illegal" activity in the music world? Well, Weird Al Yankovic's new album,
"Straight Outta Lynwood" (release date: 9/26/06) features a track entitled "Don't Download This Song." Quothe his publicist: "...we are offering "Don't Download This Song" as a free unprotected MP3 in order to generate as many downloads as possible."

Weird Al Yankovic: "Don't Download This Song" - "You might end up in jail like Tommy Chong..."


neminem said...

Of course, I already have and love all three of those... and you didn't even mention Earwax's amazing Gay Muppet Bar! Or Alex H's Mahna Mahna in Memphis! Both great tunes.

And you missed the opportunity to mention the work of another one-hit-wonderist, DJ B.S., with his Ebay I Need Your Lovin'.

Incidentally: Weird Al also just promised that his new cd would have all the instrumental tracks. Guess what I plan to do as soon as I get the cd I preordered this morning?

Mr Fab said...

*slaps self in forehead* Of course, how could I forget - must update now...

Mr Fab said...

Feh. Phil'n'Dog's site with "Gay Muppet Bar" has bandwidth-exceeded issues right now. Will post a link as soon as possible.

Monica said...

OH MY I just love Warm banana Phone!!!!!!

tim from Radio Clash said...

*cough* DJNoNo *cough*


Podcast itself is not kid-friendly...whereas some of his tunes are :-D

Mysterious D said...

Wow, just came about this...Mysterious D from mashup club BootieSF and LA here! PF is a dear friend of ours, and indeed, from San Francisco. And yeah, I believe it's his only mashup. Great to see it here....


Mr Fab said...

Hey D, so good of you to host that tune for PF - now tell him to make more, the guy's obviously a mad genius!