Friday, May 03, 2013

Re-Up Requests

The following albums are now back up:
UPDATE 5/7/13:
The George King/Joe Corney Organ Sound 
FORBIDDEN 45s!! (windbag edition)
Lew Davies and His Orchestra - Strange Interlude
Caribbeana Esoterica #2: Junkanoo & Goombay
UPDATE 5/7/13:
Slaughter on Central Ave

The Occult Organ of Jimmy Rhodes
Golden Half 2
Deb Hyer - One Man Band
(still looking for a couple of other requests)
UPDATE 5/6/13: John Cage
UPDATE 5/4/13: Now up by request are RMI Harmonic Synthesizer album, and four from Zoogz Rift: Ipecac, War Zone, and Water II, and Torment.


Dirk Bill said...

Mr. Fab, your nom de plumage is right on the money! My deranged prayers, the faint echoes of a half-filled mind, have been answered. I recognize that most if not all of these re-posts are the result of my ju-vinyl whiny begging, and for all your selfless efforts, I thank you from the bottom of my shoes.

Best regards,

Dirk Bill

Mr Fab said...

Ha, yeah, you've been keeping me busy alright Dirk. I'm afraid I can't find any of your other requests, tho - some misplaced, others went with the crashed hard drive...

Unknown said...

Do you post any rap/hip-hop?

Dirk Bill said...

I will keep these forever, burying extra copies in the desert, willing them to my kids, etc. etc. - Hopefully I can send you some of my deranged library in the future.
P.S. Caribbeana Esoterica #s 3 & 4??? HA relentless bastard!

Mr Fab said...

newRap: Sure, check "pranskta rap" under Labels (to your right).

Dirk, I'll check for the Caribbeana Esoterica

Dirk Bill said...

You are a king among men.