Thursday, May 09, 2013

JUNK ORCHESTRAS Pt 1: The Gas Tank Orchestra

I haven't been posting anything new lately, cuz I've been trying to re-up albums that were victims of the Great Mediafire/Rapidshare Takedown of 2013 by request. Which I'm happy to do, but I wasn't able to find: The Full Life All-Stars, The Lavender Jungle, "Ya No Hay Beatles," The Musical Betts, March Fourth 2012. 'Til then, dig these crazy sounds made not by guitars, not by keyboards, not by trap-drum kits - man, that old-fashioned stuff is for squares - but by stuff. Junk. 'Found objects,' and what-have-you.

The Gas Tank Orchestra does what it says on the tin, making their instruments out of discarded auto parts. The now-defunct New Orleans combo has an excellent posthumous free download album now available that does wander around somewhat aimlessly at times, as improv groups are wont to do, but really hits the gas (sorry) on nifty toe-tappers like "Making Way," "Bunnys Bolero" and "Desire Project." The GTO don't make the kind of racket that groups like Einstürzende Neubauten used to make - their sound is subtle, atmospheric even, with a keener sense of rhythm. They are from one of the world's funkiest cities, after all.

The Gas Tank Orchestra - "Homeshed"

Another album of theirs is available for streaming/purchase that features a more sampled/cut-n-paste production at times. Pick to Click: "Oilspeak."

The Gas Tank Orchestra - soundclick album

More junk orchestras to come in future posts.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the gas tank, they were so good.

unrelated note, ages ago you posted some stuff from Jaymez Bee (which was awesome). in the comments, i had mentioned his earlier band Look People. here's a link for their album Boogazm (finally found after a lengthy search of the local used music shops).


Mr Fab said...

That is awseome, thanks a mil, Chris!

Anonymous said...

no prob. keep up the excellent mania. such a wealth of gold.