Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Everyday Film: "New Skin Wine"

I believe it was Winston Churchill who once described The Everyday Film as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." After taking last year off (incarcerated? institutionalized?) he/they/it have released a new album and an ep, both available thru iTunes and Amazon. There's a whole lot of music out there in this great, big universe, but there is still nothing like The Everyday Film.

"New Skin Wine" is 11 tracks in a mere 22 minutes, but those are some pretty dramatically charged 22 minutes. The wide dynamic range of the album ranges from subliminal ambient drones and whispered vocals, to nightmare-ish noise that will have you jumping out of your skin if you're not riding the volume levels (look out, headphone wearers!) The album ends with over 2 minutes of static drone that might have you checking your stereo to see if it's grounded. 

After receiving the new album, I was wondering if TEF had anything new to say after all their releases, or if they still had the power to shock. Hoo boy. The track "Want Cycles" features electronics so terrifying that they make Throbbing Gristle sound like Air Supply.  Bravo!

TEF's trademark demonically harmonized vocals are not as present here, in favor of dark electronic soundscapes. But when they do appear, the old body-horror themes are still present in dimly-heard surreal snippets like "My cancer's gone, but you can't seem to put me back together," or "It should be enough to be my own dessert."

"Goool" is a three-track EP that features a nearly 13 minute long track.  Pretty amazing, considering most TEF tracks last less then one minute. TEF has given us the short version of "Goool" that's found on "New Skin Wine" to post here:

The Everyday Film: "Goool"


Beef said...

I'd really love if this guy got himself a bandcamp or something, but beggars can't be choosers.

Thanks for keeping us updated on this particular wierdo!

Mr Fab said...

I know what you mean Beef, he doesn't even have his own website. He used to, briefly.

Anonymous said...

He (she, they?) is the Ted Kaczinsky of modern music. You never know when a CD's going to arrive or how it will go off.

Mr Fab said...

uglyradio: Ha!

Captain Bananafish said...

He seems to have one now at - although all it seems to contain right now is a short snippet of writing and a link to one of his videos.