Thursday, March 07, 2013

Music of Mind Control

"Music of Mind Control is a podcast highlighting the wonderful world of organizations and religious cults that practice mind control techniques and the weird, awful music they produce. Hosted by Amy and The Commander."

Well, halleluyah!  Weird, awful music is right, as well as commentary by the hosts telling us just who these characters are, the significance of the particular track they're playing, and what they're in jail for. The three shows they've done so far feature many familiar kooks 'n' cult leaders that have been featured in these virtual pages over the years, but there's apparently plenty more out there that I did not know about. Got a particular kick out of Jan Crouch in episode three - she's an enormous-haired televangelist much smirked at by me and my friends when we were growing up. Was wondering what happened to her after hearing her hysterical track.  Internet sez: she's still alive, her and her husband have 13 mansions, a $100 million jet, a $100,000 house just for her dogs, and there have been the usual child sex abuse and marital scandals.  I am shocked - shocked I say!

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Anonymous said...

my brain is now squeaky clean with that lemon-fresh scent!