Friday, March 01, 2013


At first listen, "reality" show star Farrah Abraham's album "My Teenage Dream Ended" is striking in it's ineptitude: lyrics possessing neither rhythm nor rhymes, one-guy-on-GarageBand music, and hideous abuse of Autotune on tune-less "melodies."  It's really quite awful!

But this is no talentless bimbo's attempt to be a "diva" - it's a soul-searching autobiographical concept album.  Like any genuine outsider artist, Abraham seems to be incapable of putting on the masks and personas of show-biz pros, and uses the album like any other angst-ridden teen would use their diary.  And as the star of a show about being a single teen mom, I would guess she has even more angst then most teens. For one thing, there's that name: Farrah Abraham.  Yeesh, what kind of name is that, a cross between a '70s sex symbol and an Old Testament prophet? She had one strike against her from birth.

Yes, at times it is jaw-droppingly horrific, in a "how-the HELL-did-this-get-released?" kind of way, but it's also sad, hilarious, utterly sincere, and in it's own musical universe. An album that all (and probably only) outsider-music fans would appreciate.  Clicky, if you dare:

"Caught In The Act"
"On My Own"


Anonymous said...

You're right, in such a controlled and highly calculated pop industry, sometimes complete ineptitude can be a godsend...(Thank you for introducing me to this)..I mean, yes, we've all heard the innumerably horrible actor/reality star attempts at pop(hilton/kardashian/lohan, etc...) but this is the only thing approaching original, personal, or interesting. She's better than Pink! haha.

Justin said...

this is really incredible - i love this blog so very much, and thank you for lightening up my day every time i see a new post from you guys - but this is on another level! is there some way you could post the whole album?

Mr Fab said...

anon: "sometimes complete ineptitude can be a godsend" - I think this blog has a new motto!

Justin, I'd love to, but this is a new, in-print release, and I've already had to deal with Mediafire and Rapidshare dumping all my old posts, even tho they often dealt with old, out-of-print forgotten albums by long-dead artists!

You can listen to clips on Amazon, tho.

Mark McC said...

I first heard of this because somehow it made it to No. 32 on the Guardian's (a respectable UK newspaper) list of the best albums of 2012. All the rest were the usual mix of critically acclaimed alt rock and breakout pop acts, so I've no idea which journalist managed to sneak it onto the list or what they were smoking.

Unknown said...

I really didn't think they made records like this anymore. Refreshingly out of control. A very rare "What the fuck was that?" moment.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!