Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"...the first hip-hop album of all time to be comprised of only animal noises"

"Hello, my name is TD Cruze and I am a 20 year old hip-hop producer from Valdosta, Georgia.

I thought you'd like to know that I just released the first ever instrumental hip-hop album that contains no instruments - just animal noises."
Now THAT'S the kind of email I like to get. Hot damn!  What a concept. And what an execution, too - only 6 songs, but a more utterly mental release you have not heard all year. You could even dance to it, although the idea of a club full of kids dancing to sampled animal sounds is too surreal to contemplate.
If you couldn't handle my last post of animals "singing" christmas songs, maybe these critters will float your boat (or ark, as the case may be). Listen/buy here:
TD Cruze: "The Savage Beast"
Hey, ya cheap bastards, you say you don't wanna pay to download the whole album? Mr. Cruze is allowing me to post one free song for y'alls, the hyena-voiced "Laughing Matter," available HERE.

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manou said...

Maybe TD Cruze got inspired by an album that was released in 1997 by Danish art group "Superflex" - "Warum sollten wir Angst haben vor grossen Tieren" ? While there were working on there "Biogas" project in Africa, they went on a safari and recorded wild animals and later released the fabulous album mentioned above - which you can listen here:

and also a vinyl as a "tool" for DJ's - only animal sounds to scratch !

Thanks for sharing all this weird music ! Your blog has been a huge source of inspiration for me and I often mentioned it in my netradio shows, when I discovered tracks on your page ! Thanks a lot and all the best from Berlin, Manou