Sunday, December 02, 2012


Pneumershonic is a crazy old guy named Paul and his pal Matt. These New Hampshire-ites recorded an album in 1997 called "Frequencies of the Beast,"  a very entertaining collection of Paul's improvised singing/rants like "Hippie Freakout" and "Martian Girlfriend" over Matt's music. Matt wrote to me asking to link to an article written about them on WFMU's Beware of the Blog, but I wasn't going to do that cuz, well, it's already on Beware of the Blog, so why bother? But the article is 6 years old, it's an album that any outsider music fan should check out, AND he said he'd send me (and you) a CD. So I reconsidered. And it's got marimbas!  And optigans!  


I bundled all the separate mp3s into one album:


Pneumershonic: Frequencies of the Beast

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Pierre said...

haha, describes well how i feel on monday morning at work: physically there but not mentally