Monday, December 03, 2012

ALBUM DU JOUR #6: The Toy-Pop Sounds of Carton Sonore

The French invasion of wonderful naive/toy-pop continues with the loveable Carton Sonore (Sound Card). The three all-too-brief "Petit Themes" albums available for download are well worth the few euros/pounds/dollars/clams purchase price. Mr. Sonore sez: "It's mainly acoustic and instrumental music with various instruments, like: charango, ukulele, guitar, melodica, saw, saz, glockenspiel..."  Yes! to more musical saw.  Xylophones, ocarinas, kazoos and toys are also present. But as much as I'm drawn to unusual instruments, as usual, it's the top-notch songwriting that sucks me in - there's a dreamy, innocent-but-not-corny quality to these tunes. 

I've included a couple tracks from each album, as well as a few tracks he's made available for free in this sampler:

Carton Sonore - 9 songs


Pierre said...

Thank you Mister!
Google translates it as "sound card" but litterally it would be something like "noisy cardboard" or figuratively "musical hit" (didn't thought of this sense when choose it but sounds quite funny added to the original sense).

Mr Fab said...

You are very welcome, monsieur. I was thinking the name was a play on the computer term 'sound card.'

Michelle said...

Who is the saw player on the album? They might be interested in knowing about the NYC Musical Saw Festival - maybe they'd want to perform there. This is Time Magazine's report of the festival

Mr Fab said...

I believe Pierre (Mr. Carton Sonore) plays all the instruments.

Pierre said...

Yes, and i already heard of the NYC Musical Saw Festival, but it's a bit far for me. I need to get rich first!