Saturday, December 01, 2012


The Eagles!  Fleetwood Mac!  Styx! Marie Osmond! That's the kind of stuff I listen to now.  All that weird, experimental stuff - what was I thinking?  Writing a blog about music that so few people care about...what a sad lonely life I've been livin'...  Well, forget that, I'm gonna be NORMAL! And what a relief it is, lemme tell you - I'm gonna hang out in sports bars, watch "American Idol," stop listening to college/public radio and keep my dial set on AM talk from now on.  Hall & Oates!  Chicago!  Muthafuckin' ABBA!  Hell yeah, where's my pink Izod shirt and penny loafers?!

This playlist is no joke.  All the artist represented here making crazed noise, goofball novelties, flipped-out weirdness, and self-indulgent nonsense are the very same acts who made all those familiar mainstream hits (granted, including Joey Ramone here stretches the definition of 'mainstream' a bit).  See? The Beatles weren't the only superstars to have a "Revolution No.9" in them.

UPDATE 12/2/12: Now on Zippyshare, for those of you who had trouble with Mediafire  

I was going to go into explanations about how these oddities came to be, like how that's Robert Fripp (!) playing on the Hall & Oates, how "Mother" was the only song by the Police that I loved, etc., but I think it's best for you to just listen to this and be amazed - play it for your friends and see if they can guess who's who.

1. Chicago "Free Form Guitar"
2. Donovan "The Intergalactic Laxative"
3. The Eagles "The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks"
4. Fleetwood Mac "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In"
5. Frank Sinatra "Reflections On The Future In 3 Tenses" excerpt (by Gordon Jenkins)
6. Hall & Oates "Alley Katz"
7. Heart "Hit Single"
8. Debbie Harry "In Just Spring"
9. James Brown "The Future Shock Of The World"
10. Marie Osmond "Karawane"
11. The Police "Mother"
12. Nirvana "Montage of Heck Part 1"
13. Nirvana "Montage of Heck Part 2"
14. Prince "Bob George"
15. Buddy Holly "Slippin' And Slidin' (sped-up version #1)"
16. Styx "Plexiglass Toilet"
17. Joey Ramone "The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs"
18. Toto "Robot Fight"
19. Van Halen "Strung Out"
20. Willie Nelson "Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other"
21. Abba "Intermezzo no.1"
22. Alice In Chains "Love Song"
23. Cat Stevens "Was Dog a Doughnut?"


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Fab,

MediaFire is saying a big fat "No" to this one. What with Rapidfire gone south, it's getting harder and harder to find a free host!

JWDen said...

Looks great, but Mediafire has taken the link down.

DonHo57 said...

The MF crew strikes again. Sorry they have caught up with you now like everyone else, this is a nice collection. Thanks for trying!

Lee said...

Ack! Already removed... zippyshare maybe? Thanks for this, it looks really interesting...

Mr Fab said...

Weird. Just tried it and it works for me. And I check my Mediafire account and it's still up, and some have dl-ed. What kind of message are you guys getting?

Anonymous said...

This is the message:
Permission Denied.
This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.

Anonymous said...

so much for "Writing a blog about music that so few people care about"...

i am also getting an error page from MF, that says that the content is subject to copyright, and can't be distributed by MF...

MFers... 8/

Mr Fab said...

thanks everyone. Lee, I'll try zippyshare, see how that goes. Thx for the tip.

hybridelephant- I do get an amazing (to me) amount of readers everyday, I'm happy to say.

It is weird how on two computers I've tried, had no trouble getting thru and dl-ed, a third one I got the message the rest of you-all been getting...

Holly said...

Zippy a-ok. Thank you very much!

Zippy's great, only downside is links have limited shelf life.

MF has crossed to the dark side, and RS IS the darkside - basically unusable. A pox on RS.

Strangely, *at this point in time* Divshare is actually a reasonable option again. Also A-drive is super from a dler's perspective, don't know about uploading.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Mr. Fab! Just brilliant!
Thanks so much for that.

Mr Fab said...

Thanks Holly & Rich, and Holly I will def be looking into those alternatives. I tried Massmirror for a bit this year but it was too complicated - I got complaints that there were just too many hoops to jump thru so I'll look into your suggestions. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

thanks. zippyshare worked. 8)

Anonymous said...

thanks! zippyshare worked. 8)

Reimer said...

Great concept, looks fab - thanks a bundle, Mr fab.

Jannell Says said...

This is the best comp ever! That James Brown song is soooo good. THank you a million trillion times for uploading!

Unknown said...

John Mellencamp - Jackie O

Mr Fab said...

Nyles: first time in my life I intentionally listened to a Johnny Cougar song, and it was quite cool. Vibes 'n Casio beats, what's not to like?

Hueco.Mundo said...

Appreciate the awesome site. Any time some of these will be fixed?

Thank you regardless!