Monday, October 29, 2012

Wild Man Fischer: "Wildmania!"

Paranoid schizo/sometimes homeless outsider legend Larry "Wild Man" Fischer sang the first ever release on L.A's pioneering maverick indie label Rhino Records, "Go To Rhino Records" in 1975, when Rhino was still just a record store, not yet the music-biz monster it would become. A version of that song is included on this 1977 album, the first LP Rhino ever released. And this Thursday here in L.A., Beyond Baroque is hosting a 2nd Annual (there was one last year, why was I not informed?!) Wild Man Fischer Pep Rally, which promises "live readings, performances, and rare film clips." Not sure what that's all about (readings?), but it's free.  Doubt I'll be able to make it, so if any of you-all do go, I expect a report, all right?

The late, great Fischer is in a good mood here. Parts of this album were allegedly recorded in the stands of Dodger Stadium during a baseball game.  Hmmm... Tho there's some crude rock backing on a few songs, many of these songs are sung acapella, just the way Frank Zappa discovered Fischer in 1968 when he was walking down the Sunset Strip hollering his songs at the top of his lungs. The 2-disk album that resulted, "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer" (never digitally re-issued) can be found elsewhere in blogland. In '75, Fischer hooked up with crazed pre-punkers Smegma for an awesome album, available HERE courtesy of PCL Linkdump. Then came the Rhino era - after this release Fischer hooked up with those wacky "Fish Heads" kids Barnes and Barnes for some excellent late '70s/'80s albums. Most of Wild Man's stuff seems to be out-of-print.  Actually, a lot of that wacked-out early Rhino stuff is OOP - we may have to focus on 'em in the future. So much weird music out there, and I am but one man!

Wild Man Fischer: "Wildmania!"

1. My Name Is Larry
2. Jimmy Durante
3. I Light the Pilot
4. Josephine
5. Do the Wildman
6. I'm a Truck
7. Sir Larry
8. Who's Your Favorite Singer?
9. Go to Rhino Records
10. Handy Man
11. Disco in Frisco
12. Do the Wildman (And Other in Dances)
13. I'm Selling Peanuts for the Dodgers
14. I'm the Meany
15. Wild Man Fischer Impersonation Contest
16. Guitar Licks
17. What Do You Think of Larry?
18. Young at Heart
19. My Name Is Larry (Reprise)


Chris Mayer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Greg B. said...

Thanks for posting this album! PRONOUNCED NORMAL and NOTHING SCARY were actually reissued by Collector's Choice Records with amazing liner notes by Bill Mumy, talking about what it was like to try to produce an album with a guy who would hold a pair of scissors on you while you're driving (though he obviously has a lot of affection for Fischer). I bought them for $5 each earlier this year from Deep Discount, but they don't seem to be listed on Collector's Choice web site right now.

Mr Fab said...

Chris: You're welcome, You're welcome, You're welcome!

Greg: I just saw a vinyl copy of "Nothing Scary" at a used shop last week for $13, but used CDs on Amazon are going for half that, and those liner notes you mentioned have def pushed me in that direction.

Certifiablockhead said...

oh Mr deliver me.

Mr Fab said...

Blockhead: hopefully you don't arrive too smashed...