Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bobby Jimmy And The Critters‎– "Ugly Knuckle Butt"

Looks like I'm the only person in the world dedicating to preserving '80s rap novelty records.  I mean, someone's gotta do it, right?  There's a million histories of jazz, rock , punk/alternative, etc.  Will there be no-one to tell the story of L.A. radio DJ Russ Parr and his def comedy band Bobby Jimmy And The Critters?

"Big Butt" was the big hit, and it still amuses.  It should be noted that founding member of NWA (recently nominated for the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame!) Arabian Prince, and none other than Dr Dre himself are responsible for some of the songwriting here.

'80s electro beatz, a guy rappin' in a funny voice about big butts - come on, admit it.  It's fun stuff. Even if it's actually kinda awful. But that's funny, too.

Bobby Jimmy And The Critters ‎– Ugly Knuckle Butt

UPDATE 10/11/2012: Aw, durn, the song "Just 4 The Hell Of It" is a bad copy. Sorry. I'll see if I can record a better one.

Knuckle Draggers
Backing Vocals, Written-By – Kim Hairston

You're My Women
Written-by [Music] – Arabian Prince

And The Flygirls Scream
Written-By – Jeff Page
Big Butt (Remix) 4:08

Just 4 The Hell Of It
Written-By – Arabian Prince

Ugly Knuckle Butt
Written-By – Dr. Dre


chuck said...

Thank you for this! Also, any idea who did the song "Roaches" to the tune of "Rumors"? Also, I propose a post dedicated specifically to 80s novelty rap records featuring Ronald Reagan impersonations.

Mr Fab said...

Bobby Jimmy did indeed do "Roaches", and, yes I have a copy. I made a collection of '80s novelty rap a few years back called "Curl Activate" that featured Rich Little's "Reagan Rap," and I have Bonzo Goes to Washington (with Jerry Harrison) sampling Ronnie on "(We Begin Bombing In) 5 Minutes." But I DON'T have Gary Trudeau's "Rap Master Ronnie" by Doonesbury Break Crew, or Ron And The D.C. Crew's "Ronnies Rap." If I can find those (or some nice person can send 'em my way?), well, then, we think I just might have ourselves a sequel to "Curl Activate"...

chuck said...

Also there's "The Contra Rap," featuring a full cast of political impersonations. Is either of the ones you mentioned the one about the 1984 re-election campaign's efforts to appeal to black voters, that has the chorus "We want Ron / The cat can swing / He's the man / Who's often seen at Burger King"?

Mr Fab said...

never mind, i do have "Rap Master Ronnie". Just listened to it, and yep, that's the one with the Burger King line. And: "Got an open mind on civil rights/ My youngest son grew up in tights."

Looked up 'Contra Rap' - all voices by Rich Little, apparently. Listened to it on YouTube, pretty good, gotta find that one now. Thanks for the tips, chuck.

chuck said...

love it!

Mic said...

Dear mr Fab, I just love your wide and eclectic tastes. You keep satisfying my permanent curiosity for all sorts of "organised" sounds.
You made me remember I have an album by Bobby Jimmy with the single "Hair or wig", izzit?

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Thanks!

MACELO said...

Thank you, Bobby is very successful here in Brazil until today. I'm addicted to rap states.

Brazil's rap is not good.

I like American rap! thank you

Anonymous said...