Saturday, April 18, 2009


What, you want more music? Haven't I done enough for you people?! I give and give and give. And what do I get?

Well, actually, I get great music back from you folks. Like our old pal Chris Swank, back with another CD's worth of mostly '50s & '60s oddities that he likes to call:

Music For Weirdos #6 (alternate link)

Like the previous volumes, he'd rather not get into details about it's contents but would rather you just kick back and let it hit you, like a radio show where you don't know what's next and have no expectations. But I will say that there's a couple of familiar classics, some hilarious novelties, audio cut-ups of more recent vintage, and much rockin' and rollin' wild weirdness.

Thanks again, Chris!


Hok said...

AHAH! Well played sir - these compilations are always great!
Thank you Mr Swank.
And - thank you Mr Fab.

music news said...

Thanks for posting this. Always a pleasure.

Funny videos said...

Thanks for posting this. Always a pleasure.

JLH8 said...

my goodness, listening to it right now, and flabbergasted. now this is a comp. was hoping to find such on the blogosphere, and happy to have. thanks to mr fab for the post, and to mr chris for the production. now i gots to get the others! schingr!