Friday, April 10, 2009


Speaking of Otis Fodder, his wacky electro sound collage/mashup crew The Bran Flakes have a new album, their first in 6 years. It may be their best one yet. As usual, they've raided the thrift shops of ancient unwanted records - children's music, religious, easy-listening, even Dolly Parton - and made brief, up-beat tunes out of 'em.

This one might be the best tune on the album, sampling the kiddie classic "Free To Be You And Me" (and it's a happy sequel to one of their older tunes "I Don't Have A Friend"):

The Bran Flakes : "
I Have A Friend"

but for some silly reason I really love this less-then-30-second long tune:

The Bran Flakes: "Don Knotts"

maybe because, like the young artist in the film "Ghost World" who tried to explain to her baffled instructor why she painted a portrait of Don Knotts, I like Don Knotts.

The new album, "I Have Hands," is available as a CD, or download from illegal-art. Name your price!


Anonymous said...

The CDs aren't really Name your price! It will let you enter in your own dollar amount, and I was willing to pay $8.00 per CD because I didn't need the downloads with it, but it said $10.00 minimum. What a lie.

Mr Fab said...

Hmmm, don't know about that. I do know that you don't have to pay anything, if you don't want to.

Anonymous said...

Still, Otis fodder is the most generous bizzaro oddity music Duke around the internet. we all owe him so much. (comfort stand recs, 365 days project 1 AND 2, ton of stuff on WFMU, and tons of other freeby projects. and "I have hands is great fun" singning dog is crazy.

koponic said...

Your blog is really amazing.
I enjoy very much that Bran Flakes. What a big and funny surprise.
But I found the Jacob TV/Prism Quartet: "Grab It!" absolutly terrific.
many thanks for all these gifts !
Don't stop please !!