Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey my Los Angeles peeps! This Thursday is your last chance to check out the PostPunk Junk film fest. Looks like it's gonna be a doozy:

"The first half is a Los Angeles and California-centric program featuring classic footage of local heroes (The Screamers, Black Flag, TSOL) alongside lesser-known-but-equally awesome acts (Nervous Gender, BPeople, The Plugz). The second half mines the Target library for its rarest nuggets, and features footage of bands that will make music nerds squeal with glee."

And the Silent Movie Theater, where the shows take place, has free beer. (There, that'll get y'all coming.) Despite the name of the venue, it won't be silent. You will be able to hear the music, honest. (Caveat: have no idea if they'll be showing anything from the Cramps concert pictured.)

to get you in the mood, how's about another batch of rare, out-of-print '70s/'80s California coolness that I've ripped from my vinyl archives? So far as I know, most of this stuff, originating from The Bay Area to LA and all points in between, hasn't been shared on-line before.

This isn't just nostalgia, these are great tunes. There's no typical hardcore. It's all across the map: you'll hear electro-pop, goth post-punk, woodwinds, femme vox + acoustic bass, devolved covers, power-pop, a proto-mashup, and whatever the hell The Fibonaccis were. "Punk" was a big umbrella term in those days.

Weirdpunk Cali

Track Listing below: Click on artist's name for links to info (if any)

The Humans - I Live In The City

Fibonaccis - Second Coming
Baby Buddha - Robot Police
Wild Kingdom - Roma-Destiny
Los Microwaves - Radio Heart
ki-di-me - Mother Is
Jed Gould (aka Jed the Fish) - LACA Perv
Hesitations - Window Love
The Units - The Right Man
The Ophelias - Palindrome
The Bakersfield Boogie Boys - Get Off of My Cloud
Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra - Summertime/Peter Gunn
The Humans - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Fibonaccis - Sergio Leone
Alex Gibson - Grey Turns to Black
Strong Silent Types - Fred Cadaver's Accident
The Ophelias - Mr. Rabbit


Unknown said...

wow. this is a fucking amazing mix of songs. thanks alot for posting it! all of the bands have really interesting sounds, very cool shit indeed - joe

Mr Fab said...

Now, that's the kind response that warms a blogger's heart. Glad you're diggin it Joe!

riff buttons said...

Yeh Man!
Awesome post!
Thanks for putting this together, sounds great.

Anonymous said...

any chance you can re-upload this?
the link is dead....


Mr Fab said...

Been crazy busy lately, but I'll try to re-up it in the next day or two.

Mr Fab said...

Okay, it's back up. Enjoy!