Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year to us! Otis Fodder, with WFMU, is reviving the 365 Project. Has it really been four years since the original 365 Project brought us a strange/outsider mp3 every day for a whole year? Yeesh. Well, if we must grow old, this soothes the sting.

Otis sez: "The only change in 2007 is that everyday can feature more then just one mp3 (as server space was tight four years ago). So look for single songs to full albums shared by a host of contributors."

First up, the entirety of two collections only excerpted in the original project, "
Michael Mills - Hidden and Satanic Messages In Rock Music," and an entire ABC television special from 1977, "Beatles Forever."

365 Project 2007


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD! Even with bird flu, global warming, and terrorist attack, this year is gonna rock!

Hey Mr. Fab, you got a myspace page yet? Everyone at work bugs me about it. So now I'm bugging you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a God afterall!!!
I was hoping Mr. Fodder would do another 365 project.2007 will be a good year indeedy!

Mr Fab said...

Nope, no MySpazz page. Do I have to?! I mean, you-all know where to find me, right?