Sunday, January 28, 2007


Well! Not only isn't Donnie Davis gay anymore (whew!), he's started a program called C.H.O.P: Changing Homosexuals (into) Ordinary People . Hey, don't laugh - it worked for him! Now he sings catchy acoustic songs like "The Bible Says" with the friendly sing-along chorus: "God hates fags!"

"The Bible Says" (video) Looks like Ron Jeremy hilariously trying to really, you know, emote.

He's also compiled a handly list of homosexual performers that parents should watch out for. A look at the list confirms how dumb (or just naive) the guy is. Apparently smart-alecks are sending him disinformation, unless he knows something about Jay-Z, Kansas, and Richard Cheese (!) then we do. He even lists Elton John twice, commenting that he's "really gay." He also includes comments like:
"Morrissey (?questionable?)," " George Michael (texan)," and "Ted Nugent (loincloth)." Yep, The Nuge, that right-wing "God & Country" conservative. I knew it.

I am prepared for the possibility that this is a hoax - it's just a little too good.


Bill S. said...

I thought it might be a hoax, as well. Especially as he cites Oscar Wilde as his patron, as a "reformed homosexual". And the list of homosexual performers is just bizarre and arbitrary. Frank Sinatra? Seriously?

M. Keiser said...

either this is an absolute, brainwashed wacko or a very sharp satirist. I particularly like his list of gay performers. Material that should make it in a comedy. Really funny stuff Especially "?questionable?""texan" and simply "loincloth" Elton john is listed twice and mentioned as "really gay."

I think this may be an example of a "agent provacateur", pushing the madness to a more visible straining point.

Simon said...

It is a joke.


Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but I have your awesome 2006 VD mix and would love to get a track listing with artists and recording dates if available -- please. Love your blog and have enjoyed many hours of listening to great music I wouldn't have otherwise discovered. Thanks!

My e-mail is

Mr Fab said...

Yep,could be a hoax, But who's the hoaxer?:

And thanks for the niceness re: VD Mix. I'll sort that soon.