Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Sonic Reclamation Industries, our on-line re-issue "label," is returning to the inter-webs with two old compilations, and new collections on the horizon:

"Moog Breakbeats" (original post here
) From August '05:

As a tribute to Robert Moog, the recently deceased inventor of the modern synthesizer, SRI (Sonic Reclamation Industries) offers you some rare, ripped from out-of-print vinyl, late '60s-early '70s funky fun: a free download album called "Moog Breakbeats."

It includes the Les Baxter song The Beasties Boys sampled for "Intergalactic," one tune featuring Herbie Hancock on piano (John Murtaugh - "Slinky"), appearances by Enoch Light, Martin Denny, Herbie Mann, Hugo Montenegro and many others. Blast off! And thanks again, Bob.

"Weird Punk L.A."
(original post here) From Feb. '06:

Late '70s/Early '80s Los Angeles Underground Sounds - Rare, Ripped From Vinyl. Though L.A. hardcore punk has been extensively chronicled, and commercial New Wave acts live on in '80s club nights and hit compilations, another side of the late '70s-early '80s scene has largely been overlooked: the intelligent, intellectual, experimentalists.

This collection seeks to give these artists some long-overdue recognition. Features The Screamers, Wall of Voodoo, Oingo Boingo, Bad Religion, The Suburban Lawns, and lots of obscure greatness you've never heard of.

Coming Soon: "Disco Sickness" - bizarre, exotic, kitschy...but fun!


Kevin said...

Have the files been removed again? It won't let me download for enjoyment. Thanks for all the great music.

Mr Fab said...

I'm hosting these files on Multiply, and they were working fine a few days ago but, nope, not now. I just checked and files I'm hosting on my own site are working fine, so I think it's a Multiply issue. Maybe the weather's wreaking havoc?

I know what you're thinking: why don't I host these on my site. Because I don't have enough room. I thought Multiply was the solution...

Mr Fab said...

They're working fine today. Keep checking back, folks...

Kevin said...

Fantastic, finally found a moment when it was working! Quite understandable not having the space. Again thanks for the music!

Anonymous said...

Gee, now all you get is:

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which is not to helpful to the average user!

Mr Fab said...

sorry, go here: