Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen! Mr. Fab presents, under the big top, AUDIO ODDITIES! Yes friends, the mp3 we are presenting here today is undoubtably the most shocking, the most disgusting, and yet, dare I say, the most interesting mix you will ever hear.

"Dark Carnival"

It's 30 minutes long. Carnival & sideshow talker documentary audio mixed with:

Tom Waits "Circus"
Tom Waits "Lucky Day (Overture)"

Annette Funicello "Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy"
Tom Waits "Carnival (Brunello del Montalcino)"
The Chills "Dark Carnival"
Tom Waits "Calliope"
Elvis Presley "Carny Town"
Tom Waits "Carnival Bob's Confession"
The Tiger Lillies "Freakshow"
Tom Waits "Tabletop Joe" (mashup of demo & album versions)
Nick Cave "The Carny"
Nick Cave "The Carnival Is Over"
Tom Waits "Carnival"

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