Tuesday, January 10, 2017


It's the (slight) return of Zoogz Toozday!

Like a cross between cartoon soundtracks and free jazz, side 1 of this 1987 cassette-only release is a sprawling smorgasbord of countless samples and snippets of prior Rift releases mixed into a 44 minute sound-collage. Hear the album Trouser Press called: "patience-defying"! Casios, Chipmunk voices, backwards voices, video-game-like bloops 'n' bleeps, some things resembling actual rock music, and what sounds like 5 records playing at the same time...Fun stuff!

Side 2 is a found tape Zoogz claims was rescued from a garbage bin. It's a side of a polite jazzy group apparently called the Transients covering Beatles and (some fairly obscure) solo Beatle songs. That story might be more believable if the voices weren't so obviously sped-up. And then there's their, er, "cover" of "Revolution No. 9" which gives it all away. Still, judging by this set, Zoogz & Co. could have worked as a Holiday Inn lounge band. And who knows, maybe they did.

Zoogz Rift: "Son of Puke" - in 2 files, Side 1 and 2, just like a real tape.

Much thanks to maniac Michael B. for sending this rarity our way.


Moribund Media said...

Been looking for this tape for years! There's never too much Zoogz.

Anonymous said...

I was bracing for the worst, but I'll be darned, this is a real beaut. Within one minute of side A all I could think to listen to after this was "Happiness is..." from "Too Many Humans" by No Trend. So goes today: total noise skronk fo shure.

Mr Fab said...

Wasnt familiar with that No Trend "tune" , but found it on the Tubes of You, and it is indeed some "good clean wholesome fun."

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I used to have this one.
Kind regards and keep it up!! =)

Peter said...

cool - thanks for posting,

Anonymous said...

Zoogz Tuesday should be a national holiday.