Tuesday, December 22, 2015


As promised by compiler Cat A. Waller, 

"Weird Ass Chirstmas" is now up. Any Scrooge would have his head turned around by this: Esquivel, Mel Blanc, a guy singing like a frog, a track from the infamous "Star Wars" xmas album, Stewart Copeland of The Police in his oddball 'Klark Kent' persona, Fred from the B-52s singing about fruitcake and Sammy Davis Jr with an upset stomach, Wayne Newton going disco (one of my long-time faves), and, er...Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Christmas." 

Sorry to the requester who asked for "Bah Humbug: An Alternative Christmas" - can't find that one. But I did re-up this one, a whole album about trees.

See y'all next year!


Cat A. Waller said...

thanks again!

and here:


Mike O'Donnell said...

I have the full Bah Humbug! (images as well as audio) in my archives. But, it looks like Cat has already provided it. Let me know if there's anything missing that I should look for.

Muff Diver said...

What a range to choose from: Hugging Trees and Weird Ass "Christmas" music. I absolutely love these anti-Mas sentiments compiled by Mr Cat A. Waller. Thank you!

Cat A. Waller said...


Anonymous said...

Good post.