Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Tax Day, America!

Was just gonna re-up both sides of the outsider oddity that is Ah-Ah Allen's "Kick The IRS" single, but why stop there? Behold!

A wee Taxday Mix

Ah-Ah Allen - Kick The IRS
Ah-Ah Allen -Montana I'm So Proud of You
F.U.2 - Tax Exile (late '70s fake-punk)
Lenlow - To the Taxmobile! (classic mashup from 2004: Beatles vs Surfaris vs "Batman" theme)
rx - Taxman Obama (The Prez "sings" the Beatles)

My fellow Americans! Remember, April 15 is the day to show Uncle Sam your love.


Gary said...

Nice! Thank you, Mr. Fab!

Puja said...

Great! Thanks.

vootie said...

This is why you are acknowledged far and wide as a national treasure by all right thinking people.

Mr Fab said...

You're welcome, nice peoples.

P Albert: I am?! That's great news. (Now I have to work on all the left thinking people.)