Sunday, December 07, 2014

Krazy Krustmas Kollections

I don't usually post things I haven't listened to, but by the time I have the opportunity to check these recent presents that Santa dropped into my in-box, these seasonal sounds will be out of season.

This blog hasn't been very active lately, and one reason is technical - the official M4M computer hasn't been feeling well (I'm writing this on Mrs. Fab's borrowed laptop). So I'm entrusting you-all to listen and review in the comments these enticing krazy krampus kollections:

"Wild Xmas With Bomarr Vol. 9" - Bomarr's been making these superb collections for years, and, as he writes: "I swear these mixes get weirder and weirder every year." He compiled this "after hours and hours of digging deep" and I'd believe it - I haven't heard of any of these artists. 

Cat A Wallers' Xmas Mixes is a new site, a work in progress, but already has a couple of things up, inc. a not-safe-for-work "Rude-Ass Christmas Mix," so that's gotta be good.

While I still had a functional office, I was able to re-up by request:

A Steelband Calypso Christmas

Rockin' Disco Santa Claus

Brave Combo - "Christmas In July"

Bah Humbug - The Alternative Christmas Album


Anonymous said...

thanx a bunch!
keep on keepin'

Cat A. Waller said...

wow! thanx, man!

Konrad Useo said...

01-Wild Xmas With Bomarr -

These are awesome. I went for all of them. The ones I played so far are a complete treat.

02-Cat A Wallers' Xmas Mixes -

I heard the rude ass christmas. Good times.

03-A Steelband Calypso Christmas-

Nice tunes. Company liked this one.

04-Rockin' Disco Santa Claus -

A hoot & a hollar. Very smile inducing.

05-Brave Combo - "Christmas In July"

A timeless classic. I’ve even seen them do this song live.

06-Bah Humbug - The Alternative Christmas Album -

Good times listening. Very amusing, & also seasonal.

Thanks for the killer tunes. Perfect for playing in front of the Christmas tree.
( Yes, we put one up this year. )
I’ll share the post link around.