Friday, August 08, 2014

FILTHY FRIDAYS: Lowbrow vol.1 Sweet Beat

For a variety of reasons that I'll get into next week, I felt that the world needed more musical Sin! Sleaze! and Vice! So every Friday, I will endeavor to provide you hep cats 'n' flipped chicks with all manner of mid-century garage, surf/hot-rod, burlesque, novelty, rhythm 'n' blues, soul, lounge, b-movie ads and soundbites, and any other audio effluvia that can lead to the moral degradation of this once-great land of ours. Basically, if you can imagine Lux and Ivy spinning these platters in their leopard-skin draped den, sipping lethal cocktails, then baby, it's in. Let the weekend begin!

I realize that this is not new territory, so I'll try not to feature anything that has already appeared on compilation series like "Nuggets," "Back From The Grave," "Wavy Gravy," "Las Vegas Grind," "Jungle Exotica," "Songs The Cramps Taught Us," "Lux and Ivy's Favorites," and rare surf collections. To increase the level of difficulty, I'm also trying to avoid songs /albums that are currently being featured by such music blog compadres as Office Naps, Surfadelic, The Devil's Music, and Titty-Shakers. That still leaves plenty, as I delve into regions other trash collectors might overlook - comedy albums that might have one good dirty song amidst the stand-up stuff, film soundtracks (see the Kenyon Hopkins track below) or easy-listening albums (e.g.: Enoch Light, Lester Lanin) that throw in one sleazy rocker, international releases that have only recently hit our shores, even recording off video for film songs never released on record. And there are still 45s that have not yet been comped. This collection is a sampler, a little taste of some of the varia-tease of sleazy-listening musics that we'll be exploring in the coming weeks and months. Aren't you happy that there really was a band called the Four Finks?

The name of this collection and the artwork come from an old nudie magazine spread (if you'll pardon the term, boom-tish!) featuring model/singer Bonnie Logan.

Lowbrow vol.1: Sweet Beat

Alternate Link (courtesy of super-swell reader Soylent White Trash)

1. Official Warning (from "Blood Feast")
2 Rusty Warren - Do It Now [song extracted from a track-less comedy album by that "Bounce Your Boobies" gal]
3 Billy Mure - Supersonic
4 from "Porno Holocaust"
5 Willie Tomlin - Stroke My Yoke [I am fairly certain that this naughty R'n'B singer was not related to Lily Tomlin]
6 De Maskers - The Saint [mid-'60s Dutch band]
7 "Triple Terror Show" ad
8 The Four Finks - Rock-o-Nails
9 Ron Haydock and the Boppers - Rat Pfink [from the soundtrack to "Rat Pfink a Boo Boo" by the great Z-movie director Ray Dennis Steckler; this really is one of my favorite rockabilly songs]
10 The Deuce Coupes - Starter's Nightmare [anonymous studio cats on a "budget" label album; you'll be hearing plenty of those]
11 Scatman Crothers - Transfusion [Oh! happy day, when I found this 45 in a Las Vegas thrift store - the great comic actor covered the classic Nervous Norvous car-crash novelty song?! Wow, who knew - I probably skipped merrily about the shop holding it up: "look what I got!"]
12 Bill Black's Combo - The Wheel [Black was Elvis' original bassist]
13 "Mark of the Devil" ad
14 Lester Lanin - Guitar Boogie Twist
15 "fourteen Baby"
16 Enoch Light - The Gang at the Green Grotto
17 "Superchick" ad
18 Barbara Stanwyck - Take It Off The E String [predating our post-WWII time frame for this one, recorded off the video of the film "Lady of Burlesque"]
19 Ricky Vale And His Surfers - Soul Full of Surfin
20 B. Brock and the Sultans - 30 Lb. Beetle [another budget label mystery; one of a few mp3s found on this collection that I've had on a hard-drive for ages; I might be able to get a better quality - maybe - were I to try digitizing the album with my latest music software; it really is excellent trad-surf, despite the ridiculous Beatles cash-in angle]
21 "Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde" ad
22 Los Saicos - Demolicion [teen garage-punk from Peru (!?) from an excellent recent reissue]
23 Sil Austin - Fallout
Lookit!  The song titles are now telling a story:
24 Jerry Colonna - Hey Barmaid!!
25 Don Carson and the Casuals - Yes Master
26 The Daddy Os - Got a Match
27 Lonnie Duvall - Cigarettes [this short-lived soul singer was backed by Booker T & The MGs, no less, on this 45]
28 The Three Suns - Tequila
29 The Vagabonds - Walkin' And Talkin
30 Billy Mure - Drums of India [exotic rock remake of the old standard "Song of India"]
31 Brother Theodore - Horror of the Blood Monsters
32 Kenyon Hopkins - Let Me Out [from the soundtrack to "The Fugitive Kind" 1960; is that Pere Ubu's David Thomas on vox?]
33 The Vox Poppers - The Last Drag

Thanks to Count Otto Black for the international nuggets - plenty more of those to come.


Anonymous said...

You had me at musical Sin! Sleaze! and Vice!--Bill

tina said...

Superduper! Love it!

Swank Daddy said...

Will I feel "dirty" after listening to it? ;-)

Oh, who cares. It looks like it will be great fun to hear so many thanks for sharing it.

Mr Fab said...

You'll feel dirty in a good way, like a Rat Pack weekend, not in a bad way, like a Gary Glitter weekend. Just good ol' fashioned wholesome sleaze.

Swank Daddy said...

I'm totally in!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, tks!!

czentrifuga said...

MFM you totally rock! greetz & applause from Berlin town

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Sweat Beats ...

But where is 15 "fourteen Baby" hidding?

Anonymous ain't my real name

Mr Fab said...

Oops, I see it's a wav file, so that might not work on everyone's system. But you're not missing much, it's just a few seconds long, a clip from some exploitation move of a creepy guy saying "You better be 14, baby."

Soylent White Trash said...

Hope you don't mind that I've cleaned up the tags (filename capitalization, etc.) and uploaded it to

Mr Fab said...

Wow! Well, thanks SWT. I spent a heck of a lot of time (or so it seemed) making this collection a pretty package, but maybe I bit off more than I could chew and missed some things (like that one stray WAV file). You are a good man, sir.

Soylent White Trash said...

Forgot to thank you (was in a hurry) for your work that you put into the site and effort in making these compilations. Tags are a pain and I generally will leave them unless some free time is to spare and nothing else better to do.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This is a special one Mr Fab!!
I can't wait for the next installment if there are any more volumes planned. Also, I don't mind if there is the occasional repeat from one of those other comps.


Mr Fab said...

I've got plenty more delicious filth Nathan. WHEN I will actually get to it is another story!