Thursday, June 26, 2014

Let's Go In A Cave And Watch Weird Videos

More odds 'n' ends today. First of all, radio dj Mister X is requesting help from the maniacs community. He's looking for "...a song from the early/mid 60's, a truckers song, one of the earliest perhaps, it's about a trucker losing his brakes on a long downgrade and "runnin' wild"...and the Chorus went like this: "Downgrade, downgrade, 20 Tons of diesel running wild". (cool guitar riff at end of chorus)." It was played on L.A. radio. I have no idea. Anyone?

Had a request to re-post this remarkable oddity: 


Music Recorded In A Cave on "The Great Stalacpipe Organ"


Let's watch a little telly, shall we? Buttress O'Kneel passed this nightmarish/hilarious video on to us, and it's probably just some kids goofing around and not the work of a horrific Lovecraftian cult, but I'm not entirely certain. The, er, "band" is called АНСАМБЛЬ ХРИСТА СПАСИТЕЛЯ И МАТЬ СЫРА ЗЕМЛЯ (ENSAMBLE OF CHRIST THE SAVIOUR AND MOTHER EARTH).


Speaking of videos, I've been diggin' the works of Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, and her creepy rinky-dink electronics. She could have slipped into affected art-school-chick territory, but fortunately fell on the right side of weird (e.g.: more Residents than Bjork.) Her new video is about dead fish, and appropriately features Art Barnes of Barnes and Barnes fame, the goofballs that sang "Fish Heads" back in the day. It's all so '80s public-access cable, so annoying.  And I'm so glad it exists.

Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin video channel

And dig this brand new Sun Ra youtube channel, put up to coincide with the new iTunes releases of remastered legit releases of over 20 of Sonnys' album, as there were far too many poopy-sounding bootlegs floating around. If you are unfamiliar with the finest jazz bandleader that the planet Saturn has ever produced, this is a great place to start:


Mike O'Donnell said...

Runaway Truck Songs

oughta be a crucial category. Oughta be special albums full of 'em.

Of course, my first search hit was (drum roll) the "Music for Maniacs" blog, where some goofers were hunting for the song.

I immediately thought of "Wolf Creek Pass," by WC McCall, which is way cool, but not the one.

Then I found "Runaway Truck" by Jerry Clower, with this fine performance by Red Simpson: right spirit but not the same song.

How about "Diesel Smoke (Dangerous Curves)"? Earliest version I found was Dave Dudley's, so I think he wrote it. Another performance by Little Willies. "The Legend" by Jerry Reed is clearly not the song you're looking for, but it belongs in the collection.

Anonymous said...

If any Russians are reading this, what's that song by The Ensemble Of Christ The Etc. actually about? The visuals aren't a lot of help, but I think I caught the world "disco".

Anonymous said...

Mister X probably already knows this, but peruse the collected works of Red Sovine. And, as Mike M pointed out, Dave Dudley.

Anonymous said...

Mr Fab. your citing of
"Petunia....and her creepy rinky-dink electronics." made me want to recommend Nora Keyes:


Mr Fab said...

Nora Keys is great! I think she just has one solo album, but its a doozy. wish she'd do some more.

Anonymous said...

All songs of Ensemble of Christ Savior and Mother Earth are exaggerated images of russian christian-based fascism. It's mostly a joke, but I have to admit that their lyrics, even though they are too stupid to realy be the exact way someone thinks, are a very good image of idiotic and poointless agression towards everything new and complicated that is sadly some kind of part of nowadays russian mentality. Espesially in last couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Anonymous! I never would have guessed what point they were trying to make just from the images. Russian "Christian-based Fascism" isn't something we hear much about in the West, but if it's a growing problem, maybe we should know. If the former USSR re-unified and then got into an argument with the USA about which of them was really doing God's work, it probably wouldn't end well...

Anyway, enough politics - back to the music.