Thursday, January 02, 2014


Now back up by request: one of the first posts ever in this blog's history: Polka Rap; and the happy yodeling of Arthur Brogli. Still working on your other requests.

Our Man in The UK, Count Otto Black, sez:

The start of a brand new year - a time when so-called psychics traditionally do their thing, with mixed results. So surely an appropriate time to remind everyone of "The Amazing Criswell", of Plan 9 From Outer Space fame? Did you know that in 1970 he made a spoken word LP consisting of a 42-minute Dadaist stream-of-consciousness rant about what was going to happen over the next 30 years? Probably. He himself admitted that his success-rate was only 87%. Fortunately that other 13% included his prediction that the world would be completely destroyed by God on 8 August 1999.
Oh, by the way, he sings as well. Or at any rate, nearly as well...
Thanks, Otto!  All of this reminds me of this mind-boggling oddity, also available from
Mae West sings "Criswell Predicts" (1956) - I believe Space-Age pop master Bob Thompson wrote this one, as he was West's pianist at the time.



Anonymous said...

Nice addition to the material I sent you - I wasn't aware that Mae West had recorded a song about this guy! Though of course I knew that they were close friends, and one of his less accurate prophecies was that she would be the first female President of the USA. He also predicted that the 3 crew-members of the first rocket to the Moon would be Mae West, himself, and Liberace's brother. In an alternative universe where that actually happened, I expect the phrase: "Houston, we have a problem..." involved an unexpected interplanetary collision with Tor Johnson.

Muff Diver said...

First, Ethel Merman and today we have Criswell Predicts!

I'm so stunned I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming...

Thanks again, Mr. Fab!