Thursday, June 21, 2012


Last year I posted 10 albums, one a week, by the late, great Los Angeles loony Zoogz Rift and his Amazing Shitheads.  Our best-est new pal in the world myxsoma has sent us eight, count 'em, EIGHT more albums from the mad genius, including some tracks from his hopelessly rare (and awesome) first album.

Tho he's usually considered to be a disciple of Zappa and Beefheart, Rift himself has said that it's more complicated then that: throw in The Bonzo Dog Band, punk, free jazz, retarded novelty records, avant-classical, etc., etc. The hilarious, crazed, uninhibited nature of His Zoogzness can't readily be compared to anyone else.

WARNING: some tracks are missing from the earlier albums. These are not all complete, at least not the first two or three albums.  And it's all 128kbps. But I'm not complaining at all - it's still a whopping 6 hours of music, and it all rules. Some of these were cassette-only releases that Zoogz didn't want to re-issue when he went big time (by indie standards) signing to SST Records.  I have no idea why.  It's all really, really good, with every album flying off into myriad, highly original directions - from blues played on xylophones, to crazed rants, to atmospheric instrumentals. Some individual songs, however, were rescued from these tapes for his more high-profile album releases, so there are a few (but not a lot of) duplicates if you downloaded all those other albums.

Zoogz2: from WITH NO APPARENT REASON (1976),


Zoogz4: BOHEMIAN BUDDHA (2000)

Zoogz5: BORN IN THE WRONG UNIVERSE (2003) + a 45 minute long track from "school of the criminally insane" that I couldn't fit onto 'Zoogz3.'

Much thanks to myxsoma - go check out his lovely music, videos for his music, his nutty YouTube channel, and dig the video (right) he posted of Zoogz' song "Bowl of Gregmar" featuring a photo autographed by the man himself.


Anonymous said...

Many Many Thanks for all the Zoogz.
Need more to feed my addiction, but these will keep me going for some time.
Muchos gracias mi amigos,
Heavy G.

somika1973 said...

Thanx for Zoogz. I've recently discovered him,
Find more of Zoogz on this forum.

Anonymous said...

Hello! so sad seeing mediafire took down these... Are they going to be re-uploaded? Just asking.
BIG fan of the ZOOGSTER! Love his music. All the best fromm Phil.

Anonymous said...

Hi again. Thanks for reupping these. Great music! All the best from Phil =) (RIP ZOOGZ)

zappahead said...

Thanks for sharing this brilliant music...I also just discovered him and am totally blown away....very much appreciated...thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

A BIG THANX for it :D
Greetz from the mountains

Anonymous said...

Please note that Zoogz' catalog can be purchased on CDR from his son Aaron at:

Anonymous said...


It looks like the link for this one is dead. Any chance of getting it re-upped?

Thanks so much

Mike Nobody said...

Thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up?

Anonymous said...