Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pascal Ayerbe's Musical Toys Collection

Well, this is a good way to start the day: I opened my email this morning and there was a video from "toy-pop" composer Pascal Ayerbe.  As with so much of this instrumental toy/everyday objects music being made lately, this tune is inventive, melodic and charming - sweet without being corny. But this revealing video shows us how the man actually goes about constructing this music, toy by toy. This song is from a forthcoming album, to be released this November.

France seems to be a hotbed for toypop and toy composers, e.g.: apart from Mr. Ayerbe, they've also produced Klimperei, and Pascal Comelade; the whimiscal constructions of Pierre Bastiens, and the "infantile naivety" of Thiaz Itch may not use toys, but share a similiar child-like aesthetic. (And La Rainbow Toy Orchestra are from nearby Spain.) I wonder if any of them have kids? "Daddy, I wanna play with my toy piano!"  "No, can't you see I'm working, get outta here!"  "WAAAAHHH!"

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Pierre said...

You should try also "Chapi Chapo Et Les Petites Musique De Pluie"
he has a huge collection of musical toys.

There is a toy music festival in France every year since 2008 that comes with a compilation

Mr Fab said...

A toy music festival?! Wow, please come to L.A.!