Friday, March 30, 2012


Polish outsider music? Heck, yeah, bring it on!

Piotrek, a fine musican himself, sent us some incredible artifacts from the land of sausage and Solidarity. Today it's The Syntetic: a delightful nut who takes exisiting songs, like "Axel F," and sings his own lyrics over them: " Człowiek Widmo aka The Syntetic (in english - "Hollow Man"). This is the guy from Śląsk, who some years ago recorded funny tapes on his tape recorder for fun and for friends, and this tapes someone put into internet. And Człowiek Widmo one day become very popular. This guy was really startled but later he even had a few concerts :) I don't know if he is freak or no, but this what he's doing we can called incorrect music for sure."

The Syntetic.

"There is his opus magnum (from 2:05 he started to sing:)
He has great lyrics. I translated you fragment on this song: "Hollow Man"
He swimm on albatross
by the Egyptian sea
and he eat a sharks
and he burns like old pig
and he is invisible
Hollow Man, This is Hollow Man, this is Hollow Man, This is.
This is ungrateful man, and very bad
he is from the abyss of the darkness, of the hell
he evaporates like a water
he is invisible like a big stone
he is from the abyss of the light
Hollow Man, this is Hollow Man, this is Hollow man, this is(...)"

Someone has thoughtfully illustrated the Syntetic song "Hollywood" so us non-Polish speakers can get an idea what of he's on about:

Thanks, Piotrek!


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Ah yes! A cult record and the polish web phenomenon of the pre-social networks era (ca. 2001). He also recorded an offical album in 2009 with some guys of the drum n'bass background, but I think all the surreal magic of the debut had disappeared by then.