Monday, March 12, 2012

Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra - Shakin' and Stirred

Dig this nutty Canadian lounge parodist and his plethora of guest singers and different styles. This kinda thing was popular back when this album came out (in 1996) - is it time for the lounge revival revival?

All the songs are hits by Canadian artists except for whoever originally did "The Safety Dance," but I ain't complaining - the groovy sitars-a-go-go arrangement makes it the album's highlight. Up next: Jaymz' follow-up album covering rap/r'n'b hits.

Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra - "Shakin' and Stirred"

1. The Safety Dance
2. Turn Me Loose
3. American Woman
4. You Oughta Know
5. Run to You
6. Closer to the Heart
7. Takin' Care of Business
8. Superman's Song
9. Spaceship Superstar
10. Born to Be Wild
11. Sunglasses at Night


Tyler Hewitt said...

THis sopuns fun, thanks. As for Safety Dance, it was by Men Without Hats, who were also Canadian, I think.

Mr Fab said...

For all these years I coulda sworn that an Australian band did that song - maybe I'm thinking of Men At Work? Never even bothered to look it up I was so certain. Funny how erroneous info can stick with you...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the listing. Right up my alley!


Anonymous said...

men without hats, from la belle province quebec, did do 'the safety dance.' it was a pretty big hit that they followed up a few years later with 'pop goes the world'

Anonymous said...

as well, jaymz b fronted a band in the early 90's called 'look people' they were an amazing smorgesborg of fun.

Anonymous said...

I just got my CD. The thing could have been the soundtrack to that bio movie on Hunter Thompson with Johnny Depp. What fun! Love your Obama holding Captain Beefheart! You should have photoshopped in Sam Sacks or Mrs. Miller.


D J Scott said...

Thanks for this.
how fun is this!?!