Monday, March 07, 2011


You've heard music on the radio? How 'bout music from radio? Cage did it back in the '50s, and more recently, Chicago's Jeff Kolar has released a free on-line EP of music made from radio broadcasts. Kolar is an accomplished artist and conceptualist - I especially like the music for his Mahomet Aquifer Project - but for this project, he tells me: "...all material was generated and composed by/through the use of homemade radio receivers and transmitters. Within the pdf booklet there is a circuit diagram of the low-powered transmitter I designed. All analog material - no digital."

The first track is ambient static, eventually developing into more 'musical' tracks, including some amusingly kitschy old ads.

Other Voices

Coincidentally, I've been diggin' an album called "Radio" by Exile (no, not the guys who did that horrible '70s "Kiss You All Over" song) that is made entirely from Los Angeles radio. Excellent head-nodding avant-hip-hop that DJ Shadow wishes he made.

Exile "Frequency Modulation"

Exile "Love Line"


Ardath said...

Stockhausen did some pretty interesting stuff in the 60s as well!

Anonymous said...

I emailed this to myself. Just letting you know that the emailed link doesn't show as a link. The "www" is missing that would make it a proper link. No big whoop, you're the administrator.

Psyched about this blog entry!

Mr Fab said...

Sorry? I checked the links and they work for me...

James said...

Tod Dockstader's Aerial series is all done with shortwave radio. There have been three albums so far but there could be 24 hours altogether. Some of it is on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hi from New zealand!
Way too cool.

Mr Fab said...

Didn't know that about Stockhausen, but, yeah, I have heard Tod Dockstader, forgot about him. Really nice ambient/drone stuff, as I recall.

Dj No Breakfast said...

I found in love with the album of "exile" the very first time that i heard it. That was some time ago and i played it on my radio show right away, these 2 songs were also my favorites . You can find 2 "exile-radio" compilations of remixes online ... but not as good as the original material if you ask me.

here it is

and there

By the way, Le Mamie Van Doren Show link has change please update to my regular blog where i post the radio show podcast and playlist too >>


Mr Fab said...

Merci! I'll check out those remixes, was curious about them.

I updated your links (something I meant to do a long time ago, actually)