Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have zero info on the demon(s) responsible for this free download release, but I can tell you that this album (or side one, at least) is a highly entertaining witch's brew of sleazy rock in the Cramps/Roky Erickson/Velvets (jugular) vein and lyrics that are, well, just look at those song titles. Tho they're sung in an unlikely high, nerdy voice, I still wouldn't mess with this dude. When he starts screeching about "rats with wings," it sounds like he means it.

Side two reverts to a more normal rock and acoustic approach, but bits of psychedelia and even violin keep things interesting. And don't miss the title song - it's the albums catchiest tune, and sounds like it's sung by children, which makes it all the more wrong. Just how we like it.

Swilson "Demonology"

1. Polyester Shirt Polyester Pants
2. Stealing Chickens
3. Electric Aborigonie
4. Planet Of Sex
5. White Witch Black Witch Which Is Which
6. Rats With Wings
7. La Diosa Verde
8. Dealing In Death
9. Demonology
10. When It's Dark
11. Plastic Flower Melting Sun
12. Swilson's 666th Nightmare


S said...



"Plastic flowers, melting sun" is taken from lyrics from a Black Sabbath song;

The awesome Bollywood poster is from a Nightmare on Elm Street ripoff:

Mr Fab said...

I swear I tried! I looked for "Swilson + demonolgy." Clearly my 'net-fu skills leave much to be desired, so thanks amucho for commenting.

Anonymous said...

He's also the grandson of The Groundhog's Mick Jones. My boyfriend used to be in a band with him in New Jersey.

communal Penile extraction said...

Danke lots

Aussiescribbler said...

This album is amazing! Just listening to it for the first time.

You can hear Swilson on the Movies About Girls podcast. He's a funny guy :