Tuesday, October 26, 2010


New to Zoogz? start HERE. We're in the home stretch - I only have one more album of his after this.

Torment is right. This 1989 release kicks off with a track by a clearly frustrated Rift bemoaning his increasingly diminished place in the music industry, and other songs boast primo pissed-off rants. "Dead Planet Earth" features a plethora of ethnic percussion and even a rain stick - Zoogz goes "world-beat"!
"The Secret Marines Sex Kitten Beach Party," one of the most uproariously surreal spoken-word + music tracks Rift has ever done, recounts a boy's hilariously gruesome trip to the doctor.

The Tom Waits-ish "Meet Me at Stinky's" is a new direction for Rift, as is
"Low Life," for overdubbed pianos (and no other instruments). "Let A Man Come In And Eat The Popcorn, Pt. 47 & 93" is a James Brown parody/tribute. And "Defecation Rainbow" is a helluva title, isn't it?

Apart from the usual furious punk/jazz instros with their blistering guitar work and
Jonathan "Mako" Sharkey's synth mayhem, there are some songs that could almost be normal rock ballads. The instro "Candy Girl" is as happy and catchy as it's title would suggest - bubblegum fusion?

Zoogz Rift & his Amazing Shitheads - "Torment"


Anonymous said...

Erm, it might just be me, but i can't find the d/l link for this one.
Where's it hiding?

Mr Fab said...

*slaps self in forehead* I be an retarded. Link now up.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so really it wasn't me after all!
That's rare these days.
Thanks for helping make me feel like a useful functioning human being and for all the Zoogz Rift stuff too.
My neighbours probably thank you much less. :)

Mr Fab said...

Ha! No, thank you. There's always so much that I want to post and so little time that sometimes I end up throwing stuff up a little too quick.

Rafa Murillo said...

Please, Updated!!!