Thursday, September 23, 2010


The facts:

- E-Cousins are two Philippino Elvis impersonators who sing duets.

- They don't cover Elvis songs, they write original songs about Elvis.

- Some of their lyrics are simply strung-together Elvis song or movie titles.

- Their lyrics usually don't rhyme, or have much of a musical flow.

- The music is very low budget, sounding like it's played on Casios

Is a review even necessary?

E-Cousins: "Elvis Movies"
E-Cousins: "Elvis On Terrorism"

And as long as we're in the Philippines, here's your WTF?! video of the day:


Anonymous said...

Ah come on, this is dreck.
No, really, i like a lot of the stuff you post here, but this is poor and without any redeeming features.
It's a joke that's worn pretty thin, that wasn't very funny to begin with.
More posts like the 9/11 songs and Zoogz Rift please, that stuff was genuinely funny and creepy.

Mr Fab said...

No joke - these guys are real Elvis impersonators and are quite sincere (one of them has a number of other albums). The sheer weirdness of them performing ORIGINAL songs, and about stuff like terrorism? Seemed pretty unique to me...

vickie said...


Anonymous said...

does anyone like sheena easton

bigfootkit said...

Not even Mr & Mrs Easton like her.
I saw her live once in her home town of Glasgow around 1990 at a free festival on Glasgow Green.
She walked on, said, "Hi thay-arr, it shoor is great to be back home in Glass-gow", in a toe-curlingly fake trans-Atlantic accent and then had to abondon the stage under a hail of bottles, cans and divvets without singing a note.
Classic stuff!

gMusic said...

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Anonymous said...

wickedly weird : )