Friday, March 12, 2010


A few fascinating artists from Italy have recently come to my attention. Coincidence? Or is there a new Italian Renaissance going on?

k-conjog have a new album entitled "Il Nuovo รจ al Passo Coi Tempi" that I've really been diggin' lately. The tunes range from surf twang reminiscent of his countryman Ennio Morricone to a sad, lovely waltz for ukulele and cello sounds, but the album's bread and butter are funky kooky collages, often with child-like animal themes, that should go over well with any Bran Flakes or People Like Us fans, e.g. this super fun bit of cartoon craziness. Attention all dogs!

k-conjog: Attenti al Cani

§ (I think this is pronounced "section"), on the other hand, have a new three-song collection of beatless electronics + guitar instros that are as intense as k-conjog is whimsical. Imagine an Eno/Fripp project shot full of adrenaline.

§ - C02

I was hoping that Maciste would be more antique-garde then the almost-ska/rock that they are (needs more accordian!), but their circus-like horn-y sound does remind me that they are from the land of Fellini and Nino Rota. Which makes me wonder: why aren't there more Fellini-esque acts out of Italia? (Or are there?)

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ed said...

wow...great finds!