Sunday, July 13, 2008


If believers in the UFO cover-up at Roswell are correct, an advanced race of superior beings came countless light-years across the universe to planet Earth...but didn't know how to land. Roswell was a US Army air field that was performing top-secret experiments and aircraft testing at the height of the Cold War, so if anything crashed it would, of course, be a security breach that would not be explained to the public. All of which makes the case for genuine alien contact at Roswell pretty shakey. Even a number of UFO believers dismiss it.

But don't tell that to UFOetry! He's a Los Angeles-based musician who just performed his multi-media show several times at that New Mexico city as part of their annual festival of all things flying saucer. The festival is all in kitschy fun, but Mr. UFOetry seems quite sincere.

UFOetry "Roswell"

He doesn't just sing about UFOs (actually, he doesn't really sing at all - he dramatically speaks the lyrics in true Shatner-esque fashion). One of his other songs is about another conspiracy theory: we never went to the moon. These conspiracy theorists must think that the American government is highly intelligent and super-organized to pull off this kind of hoax. They have a lot more faith in our politicians then I do!

UFOetry "We Never Went To The Moon"


Greg Bishop said...

Yes, I was there in Roswell and I saw a UFO(etry.) He/ they had a very pretty girl in the band with bright green hair. One of my girlfriend's friends here in L.A. asked us to buy a rose for her.

I've got pics of the event at my flickr page, if you are interested.

Thanks for the post!!


Mr Fab said...

Thanks for the pix, Greg. Nina Hagen!! Wow, did you talk to her much?

Would love to go to the Roswell fest, looks like a hoot.

Greg Bishop said...

No, I didn't talk to her very much. There were 20 or 30 people around her, most of which had no idea who she was, but she was the center of attention, so apparently they needed to find out what was going on.