Monday, July 07, 2008


Music not touched by human hands: from New Zealand comes The Trons "...a completely self playing robotic junk band! They are made mostly from old computer and mechanical parts and play original songs using an array of old amps and instruments. They now have five gigs under their belt..." playing nice Velvetsy rock (with turntables):

The Trons "Sister Robot" (mp3)
The Trons "Sister Robot" (video)

Pretty durned amazing stuff. Musicians: robots will be taking your jobs soon! Why hire some greaseballs in tuxedos to play your wedding when you could rent some bitchin' robots?

Thanks to AudioPornCentral!

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J-Unit 1 said...

Isn't this cool? Another robot band out there is "Captured by Robots" which includes horn-playing bots.

J-Unit 1