Sunday, October 28, 2007


One more for Halloween: Twink, The Toy Piano Band, has posted a version of the "Theme To Rosemary's Baby" on his site, and it's a treat, not a trick. Krzysztof Komeda (as Christopher Komida) composed the score to the classic 1968 shocker and died a year later. Coincidence?!

A toy piano might seem an odd choice for a spooky soundtrack theme, but children's instruments have been used in horror scores before, e.g.: a wind-up children's music box set against slightly atonal music = creepy.

And while you're on his "MUSIC" page, be sure to check out the other bonus songs on the bottom of the page: covers of Devo's
all-time classic "Beautiful World," and Harold Faltomeyer's "Axel F."

It's a limited-time offer, probably coming down sometime in early November, so grab it now.

Twink: "
Theme To Rosemary's Baby"


Anonymous said...

Another weird coincidence with this film is that the director's(Roman Polanski)pregnant wife was murdered during post-production by the Manson family.

Cool song however Twink makes it slightly more creepy then it really was. Mia Farrow gave it a somber loungey style to it.

Anonymous said...

The Fantoma's version of the song, off the album, Director's cut is also really good. Mike Patton does crazy vocals on it.

Anonymous said...

great version - thank you!

Anonymous said...

i [insert heart here] twink. thanks for this.