Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yep, it's been exactly a half-century since the first spacecraft was launched. The Soviet Sputnik satellite not only kicked off the space race, it also inspired a San Francisco newspaper columnist to dub members of the Beat Generation "beatniks." And where would we be without beatniks, dad?

The Duece Project, an awesome radio show that specializes in sounds of the Space-Age, wrote us requesting some hi-fi sci-fi (we love requests, by the way) so let's blast off, space cadets.

We'll turn first to the astounding 6-disk collection of '50/'60s Cold Era era artifacts "Atomic Platters." Among the songs about nuclear war and those dastardly Commies are a few tunes about our birthday boy:

Jerry Engler and the Four Ekkos: Sputnik (Satellite Girl) - Rockabilly! Squares beware.

Roosevelt Sykes: Sputnik Baby - Solid r'n'b, baby.
Al Barkle with the Tri-Tones: Sputnik II - Another rocker for space-age greasers.
Ray Anderson and the Homefolks: Sputniks And Mutniks - I don't know what a "Mutnik" is, but I do know this hillbilly country toe-tapper features the least correct use of the word "ironic" until Alanis Morrisette came along.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

"Muttnik" is a term used in some parts of the USA as a joke on Laika, the stray dog who was sent up in a capsule, well, basically to die.

Be kind to an animal today in her honor.

Thanks for the post and the songs.

HMK said...

Thanks for the supercool Sputnik sounds!
Been a fan of your blog since 2005 - I really think you'd dig my weekly HMK Mystery Streams.

Keep up the fun research and grande mahalo for sharing!



Anonymous said...

"Al Barkle with the Tri-Tones: Sputnik II - Another rocker for space-age greasers."

Guess what? Al Barkle is my Papa. (My Grandpa) I was searching for a song of his to add to my playlist, and saw one...the one you have...
He passed away last year, but his music and love, live on! Long live Al Barkle...

Mr Fab said...

Wow, you had a cool grandpa! Sorry to hear of his passing. Hope he knew people were still around today diggin' his sounds. Rockabilly = eternally cool.