Monday, October 10, 2005


Back in June I wrote:

"Combining two recent trends here at m4m - country/hip-hop fusion, and weird covers, may I now present Boss Hoss, a German (!) country band that covers rap & pop hits. Their album "Internashville Urban Hymns," debuted at No. 11 on the German charts, so it's not all Hasselhoff over there. It's not such a stretch when they render The White Stripes, Hendrix, or Elvis hits into country corn, but, improbably, Outkast's "Hey Ya," eminem's "Without Me,' The Beasties Boys' "Sabatoge," even Beck's "Loser" get the twangy gee-tars/foot-tappin' treatment. Now here's where it gets scary: they also do Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face," just as Paul Anka released his lounge version. When did that song become a standard? Did I not get that memo?"

But I only had a link to the band's website with a snippet of a very clever and jes' plum hee-larious Britney Spears cover. Here's the whole tune:

Boss Hoss: "Toxic" - Replete with absurd Western-movie sound effects, and a singer with a thick pseudo-Texas drawl asking, "Do ya feel me now"?


Anonymous said...

It's Britney, dammit.

Mr Fab said...

As Britney would probably say, "WhatEVER!" Thanks, corrected.

Mick Flynn Images said...

You got to hear their version of 'Hot in Here'.
"With a little bit of Yee Haaw!"

BTW the Paul Anka album is only now being advertised on TV in the UK.

Mr Fab said...

"You got to hear their version of 'Hot in Here'."

Just listened to it yesterday, in fact. I'll post it if anyone's interested.