Monday, October 17, 2005


Although they claim they get some criticism from Christians who think all rock music is the devil's, The ApologetiX nonetheless take secular pop songs and inject a Christian message into them, with sometimes amusing results, as in this reworking of the Beatles' "Love Me Do":

ApologetiX: "Love The Jews" Don't be surprised if you find yourself walking around singing this. Though you may get odd looks.

Other titles: "Baa! We're Lambs" (The Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann"), "The Real Sin Saviour" (eminem's "The Real Slim Shady"), and - one of my faves - The Romantic's "What I Like About You" becomes..."God I Like About You." And guess which Guns'n'Roses song became "Verynice City."


idigworms said...

Strange. And, according their website, they do a parody of "Pepper" by a band called the Buttonhole Surfers...O...K.

Mr Fab said...

" the Buttonhole Surfers"
Ha haa!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does it actually sound more like they're saying "love the juice"? Does God condone steroid use, or is he just a big OJ fan?

Anonymous said...

Cripes, I remember seeing these guys on the drama series "His Place" on the local member suported (ain't they all) Christian channel. Nice enough guys, I guess, though their parodied lyrics struck me as lackluster. (I.E. "Will you still call me Superman - "Will you still call me through the sands" / "All the small things" - "All the stalls stink"). But if you want a Christian Weird Al (and don't we all), they're the only game in town.