Monday, June 06, 2005


Paul Anka, the middle-of-the-road crooner responsible for such EZ-hits as "Put Your Head On My Shoulder," "Having My Baby," and a pre-Sinatra "My Way," has a new album due out tomorrow. What's he singing - Broadway? Standards? Love ballads? Ha! "Rock Swings", an early canidate for album of the year, features remakes of songs from the likes of Nirvana, REM, and Oasis, beating Richard Cheese at his own game. Would you believe a mellow "Eye of the Tiger"? "Black Hole Sun"?! A bossa-nova version of The Cure's "Lovecats" (not unlike Nouvelle Vague or Prozak For Lovers)?!!? Billy Idol's "Eyes Without A Face"?!?LOL!?WTF?!OMG?!!? Yes, only by writing like a 14-year-old in a chat room can one express the puzzling sensation of listening to a jazz-tight, finger-snappin' Big Band arrangement of Van Halen's "Jump," sung with utter straight-faced sincerity. Anka's in good voice, the sound is so smooth your mother (or grandmother) would probably like it, and I have no idea what he was thinking. But it is LOL-funny.

Paul Anka: "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
"Eyes Without A Face"


The Reverend Menagerie said...

If you have any more of these, could you send them my way?

Buying the album next paycheck, regardless..

Evan said...

His version of "Wonderwall" is fantastic, imo. Yes, this might be worth a buy..

Mr Fab said...

Hey, Rev! Yeah, honestly, I could have picked any song at random - it's all good.

Sunny said...

Oh my.
This frickin awesome.

The Bobo said...

At least now I really know what those frickin' lyrics were to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"! Still doesn't make any sense though.

Yeah add me to the list of those who want to get this album. Better then Pat Boone's cover of Heavy Metal tunes. Less pretentious too.

Mr Fab said...

Pat Boone's album seemed tounge-in-cheek, but there's no sense of that here - think it's quite sincere.

Sunny said...

Kept seeing this in stores and avoided it because I thought it would sound like the Pat Boone album. Doesn't have any of that feeling of it being gimmicky.

DDay said...

Lovely album indeed. Pat Boone was cool when I got it, but it wears out pretty quickly.

By the way, if we're on the subject of Richard Cheese-like loungified hits, anyone got Bud E. Luv or Jaymz Bee, perchance?

Tony Danza said...

You must be kidding me, I heard thi on the Eetriot Morning Show and it made me throw up my egg mcmuffin !!! Their's a fine line between chessy and screaming velvetta !!!

Mr Fab said...

I have a Jaymz Bee album - nice arrangements, not just a lounge singer w/a piano (which I think Bud E Luv is). Great '60s go-go style version of "Safety Dance" I could post if anyone's interested.

The Bobo said...

I am interested!
Hey, Wouldya happen to have any Richard Cheese stuff. his rendition of NIN's Closer is profound.

I wonder if Pat Boone started this whole lounge coverings of rock songs thing? I don't remember anything like this before his album. There is Big Daddy and Dred Zeppelin but that was a little different.

I am waiting for a lounge version of GG Allin's music next. If that should happen I believe we may actually be in the End Times!

DDay said...

Mr Fab
Not that I really need convincing 'cause I'm totally in love with your blog already, but if you could post some Jaymz Bee, you'll truly live up to your name.

As to the loungifications, for me they've been going on since the 60s and 70s compilation albums where nameless orchestras and choirs covered the recent 'hits'. Look in vinyl bargain bins and if there's a semi-naked chick on the cover, you're good to go ;)
Some arrangers actually made a name for themselves like Paul Mauriat and James Last.

I've got all Richard Cheese and he's definitely worth checking out. Just noticed he has a new album out. I'm definitely gonna get my hands on that one as well.