Thursday, June 09, 2005


No, it's not a mashup (though that's not a bad idea). It's an All-Request Thursday! Some of you have asked to hear the sounds of Canadian lounge-revivalist Jaymz Bee & his Royal Jelly Orchestra, and I have one of his albums: "Cocktail: Shaken and Stirred." Honestly, I can't recommend the whole album - different singers and styles on each track doesn't add up to much consistency. And, not being Canadian, I'm not familiar with all the songs covered, which leaves me somewhat out of the joke. But I only paid a few bucks for it used - well worth it for such moments of genius as the sitars-a-go-go remake of "Safety Dance," orginally done by...Men Without Hats? Men At Work? Met At Work Without Hats? Niggas With Hats? (Hehe, a little reference to the film "Fear Of A Black Hat," dontcha know).

"Safety Dance"
"You Oughta Know" - Alanis Morrisette gets what she deserves

Another Jaymz Bee album, "Sub Urban," (covering rap/r'n'b hits) looks worth picking up - both these CDS are available used from Amazon for less then $2, so what the heck.

Richard Cheese, however, is consistent like Ex-Lax. Witty, hilarious - words you never thought would apply to Radiohead, but here it is. You wanted some Dick Cheese, you got it:

And, oh, why not more swanky Anka since you asked so nicely:
Paul Anka: "Wonderwall" - Originally by Oasis, done properly on the new album "Rock Swings."


The Bobo said...

Mr. Fab you are the ginchiest! You are the best curator of cool,strange and weird music since Otis Fodder. Please keep up the good work!
Thanks for the Cheese and the Royal Jelly!! Splendid.

Mr Fab said...

Wow, I don't know if I can live up to an Edd "Kookie" Byrnes comparison, but you're welcome, and thank you.

And as for your earlier question as to who started this lounge-covers-of-rock business, (apart from all the cats who orignally did it in the '60s and 70s as DDay pointed out), wouldn't that be Bill Murray on "Saturday Night Live"? "Star Waaaaars, give me those Star Waaaars!"

Mr Fab said...

...and as for someone doing GG Allin lounge covers, I wouldn't be surprised. There've been punk covers since, well, the punk days - see a tuxedo-clad Circle Jerks in the film "Repo Man," or DEVO's "EZ Listening Disc."

DDay said...

Mr Fab, I only got 2 words for you:
you rule!

The Bobo said...

I got this brainstorm today for your next entry. Why not go for the flip side of the coin. Hard rockers who did lounge covers. Sid Viscous comes to mind when he did Frank Sinatra's My Way.That song was used in the film Goodfellas but not included on the soundtrack!
You can probaly think of more but ol' Sid was the first one
I thought of.

Mr Fab said...

"My Way...was used in the film Goodfellas but not included on the soundtrack!"

That does not AMUSE me.

Rock covers of standards? Actually, there's a band called Me First and the Gimme Gimmes that does nothing but.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see what I can come up with...

DDay said...

Rockers that do lounge? Check out lounge-a-palooza . Haven't got that one though, so I cannot tell you if it's any good.

And although ABBA is hardly lounge, they have been subjected to a few metal covers: Abbametal is quite good but if you want perfection, go for Black Sweden. I'm not 100% certain, but I think the Swedes are the same group that is now working as Black Ingvars.

mingfrommongo said...

People here are gonna start wondering why you don't have your own radio show. I keep thanking you on air for these pearls when I play them. Thanks for the help.

Mr Fab said...

I forget - Me First actually play punk version of shlocky soft-rock hits, not lounge exactly.

I have "Lounge-a-Palooza." They're not punk covers though. They're not really much of anything actually. At best, they're lounge covers of...well, lounge songs, like Ben Folds' nice Herb Albert remake or JT Quartet's version of "Music TO Watch Girls By" which basically sounds like any '60s version. The great Jimmy Scott is largly wasted, PJ Harvey's Was (Not Was) remake is good, though hardly lounge. Steve Lawrence & Edie Gorme's straight-forward lounge version of "Black Hole Sun" might have inspired Paul Anka's recent stab at it.

You're very welcome Ming. And Black Sweden sound AWESOME.

countrygrrl said...

this is one well swingalong the kitsch of it all..a welcoome addition to the world of bloggers. MORE please!!!!!!

idigworms said...

Cool on the Safety Dance!