Wednesday, May 25, 2005


As Howard Stern fans know, Mr Methane is a British chap known as the world's only musical "flatulist" - put a microphone up to his bum, and he'll fart his way into musical history. He certainly has a remarkable, erm, "breathing" technique that allows for unprecedented control of rude sounds. Unfortunately, Phil Collins was unimpressed with Methane's "Controlled Anal Voicing" and wouldn't allow the release of a parody of one of Collin's big hits. I suppose I could be doing a lot of things with my life - medicine, law, science, who knows - but, no, I had to track down:

Mr Methane "Curry In The Air Tonight"


Mr Fab said...

Well, they seem to be enjoying this over on the Butthole Surfers forum:

countrygrrl said...

shame on you sense of the surreal...well done for tracking this down this is mega!!!