Monday, May 02, 2005


Actually, they're Afghanistan's only girl-group, but still... The Burka Band are one of the first pop groups to emerge in post-Taliban Afghanistan. Performing on Western instruments (electric guitar, drum kit) and singing in English, these 3 ladies not only wear the traditional head-to-toe burkas, they sing about 'em on their debut 7" from the German label ata tak. Not quite a Muslim Shaggs, the result is charmingly amateurish rock-xotica:

"Burka Blue" Although they say their mom wears blue jeans now.

"Burka Blue (remix)" is quite nice too.

Haven't heard another of their songs called "No Burkas!," but that sounds like some authentic rock'n'roll rebellion. And who knew there was such a thing anymore?


Anonymous said...

Maybe not the Shaggs, but at least Beat Happening!

- Phil Th

Anonymous said...

Sounds good.
Strictly speaking it's not a "girl-group" though as some of the (male) germans who ran the workshops during which it came about play on it.

Anonymous said...

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