Friday, December 02, 2011


Gnarboots are a completely ridiculous band from Central California that play a variety of styles with a surprising amount of skill, considering the fact that they're a buncha immature smart-asses who take nothing, including themselves, seriously. A stance I support in theory - the problem is that sometimes amusing oneself doesn't always translate into amusing others. This album, however, is a loveable mutt that I liked even better on second spin. The Dead Milkmen of a new generation? Sayeth they:

" is a weird album and we are a weird band. We have a bunch of birthday songs on there (including a hardcore punk song) as well as a cover of the Kelly Family's "Ain
t gonna pee pee", a cover of the Christian band Lust Control's anti-masturbation song, "The Big M." There's a ska song about Joey Lawrence, punk songs, electronic songs, hip hop songs, and other weird things." I like the old chacha record samples. And it's all free!

Gnarboots Happy Birthday

1. Birthday 2
2. Doggy Door

3. The Big "M"

4. Interlude
5. Fantasy

7. Special Day I
8. Ain't Gonna Pee-Pee My Bed Tonight

9. Today Is My Birthday
10. Nerds

11. Interlude

12. I Want To Be Joey Lawrence

13. You're So Rude
14. Birthday 3

15. Monica Birth

16. Police of Fashion

17. Special Day II

18. Welcome to my Birthday P

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