Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Everyday Film: Festival of Emotions

One of the most enigmatic figures in music today, The Everyday Film, sent us their new "album" (11 songs in under 10 minutes) entitled "Festival of Emotions," and, on some tracks, this usually horrifying figure actually sounds like he/they might be in a somewhat better mood than usual. Maybe even in love, or some bizarre variation thereof. Elsewhere, it's the usual claustrophobic terror-tronics. A festival of emotions, indeed.

We have permission to post two tracks from it:

"The Bottom Of The World,"
only 39 seconds long:

"You, The Entrance; You, The Exit,"
an epic, at 1:39:


José Osvaldo said...

Thanks my favourite maniac, beholder of The Everyday Film. What a great blog you have, ive been following for years.


Famous Mortimer said...

How does one contact this man? I'd love to actually buy / get some of his stuff.

Mr Fab said...

Sorry for the late reply Mortimer. For now, he has no web site, so if you just want the music, it's all here for download:


That's everything he's done so far. His email is: theeverydayfilm@yahoo.com